Every second counts. Make smart decisions to protect your people, business, and future.

Detect Fast:

Know the risks. Detecting fires fast is more important than ever.

In 10 seconds, a fire can increase in temperature from 250F to 1,300F due to new materials and technologies.¹

22% of office fires start in the kitchen or cooking area.²

SIEMENS Detectors with ASA technology can identify a fire emergency quickly without costly false alarms.

Act Quickly:

Fires grow quickly. Smart decision-making is essential in an emergency.

A fire can double in size every 30 seconds

4-5 minutes: the time that firefighters have to complete a rescue has reduced due to faster burning materials.4

SIEMENS Management Stations are intuitively designed to enable fast, accurate and guided responses in the event of a fire alarm.

Be Prepared:

Office fires are more common than you think. Don’t leave anything to chance.

3,340: the average number of fires in office properties each year.5

At least 1 fire drill per year is recommended.

SIEMENS experts can make sure your team is up-to-speed on the latest codes & standards, and equipment is properly tested.

SIEMENS Customer Choice allows you to find the right service provider now and in the future! We’re committed to specifying performance and ensuring life safety — every second of the day.

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