The danger of fire has been understood by man for thousands of years, but the first heat detector wasn’t available for commercial use until 1870. Over the years, technological improvements have allowed fire detection systems to become more effective and cost-efficient. Today’s systems have the ability to monitor and warn occupants of multiple dangers to life and property.

As a Siemens Solution Partner our protection, detection, notification and suppression systems are the answer to protecting you most valuable assets – Your People and Property.  Siemens fire alarm systems provide unbeatable accuracy and ease-of-use both for building personnel and firefighters, while constantly evolving to meet your future needs.


Today’s health care facilities need the ability to communicate with their patients, improve staff efficiency and deliver quality care. We design, service and install your nurse call systems with these principles in mind, allowing you to bring the finest quality of care to your clients.

As a TekTone Elite Partner we are able to offer high quality systems that can be adapted to each facility’s specific needs. For over forty years, TekTone has specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality UL Listed nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, wander management, pocket paging, area of rescue assistance systems and alert integration systems.


We design, install, program and service sophisticated communication systems specifically designed for the Educational and Security/Corrections marketplaces. Over the last thirty years Telecor has become established internationally as a provider of quality communication products and systems and we are proud to partner with them in providing systems for a broad range of applications. Telecor designs and produces engineered as well as networked based intercom and paging systems, giving you the flexibility and scalability to meet your facility’s specific needs


Salem Fire Alarm will work to ensure the safety and security of your employees and their work environment.  Whether you require a full faceted system or just want to monitor a few doors, we can offer a number of options that can serve you today as well as grow with future needs.


There are a number of options for alarm monitoring, including a direct phone line, cellular network, radio network or an IP Path.  If you are looking for a reliable, flexible and durable solution using the highest quality equipment, Salem Fire Alarm can provide your facility with the most efficient and cost effective solution.